Studio environments for Sports.


JHD Group’s internationally recognized team of award-winning designers, architects and media specialists set the standard for cutting-edge design and creative innovation.

Our trademarked brand – Big Ideas Brought to Life® – is no more apparent than in our sports broadcast designs. From the bi-level outdoor pavilion for the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Vancouver to the largest freestanding broadcast structure ever constructed in Times Square for Super Bowl XLVIII, to the sprawling broadcast compound housing over a dozen shows for Super Bowl LI.  Recent Studio designs include ESPN LAPC Studio H and UFC APEX Studio.  JHD Group continually provides fresh perspective and stunning broadcast studio environments for the world’s largest audiences.

Integrating design, architecture, brand and technical innovation on-time and on-budget is the hallmark of JHD Group produced studios and structures.


Jeff Hall has designed a masterful blend of architectural brilliance and broadcast versatility. He has created the perfect home for the FIFA Women’s World Cup on Fox in perfect harmony with the beauty of the location in Vancouver.
David Neal, Executive Producer, FIFA Women's World Cup on FOX
The entire JHD team was truly engaged, inspired and responsive.
This is more than a set design – it’s the living room for Texas A&M Athletics.
Jason Cook, Senior Associate Athletics Director at Texas A&M.
JHD Group really made the extra effort to know the uniqueness of the 12th Man brand to our school. From start to finish, they in turn hit every deadline we had and really made the total project come to life.
Andy Richardson, Director of 12th Man Productions

We are an entertainment production design company – and have enjoyed many sport broadcast successes by approaching design solutions with a comprehensive and well-versed design mindset.

FOX Sports Broadcast Superbowl 38