Project Description

FOX Sports Australia Studios A and B

Studio A

The Churchill Studio (Studio A) update for Fox Sports Australia debuted in 2017, replacing a look from 2014. Used for over 10 programs on the network, this flagship studio is the largest of the network’s spaces, which also includes Studio B and an off-site studio for Fox Sports News Australia.

The Setups Include:

  • Backpage: A large debate-style desk with flexible seating configurations backed with a large video wall and flanked with LED towers. The look is accented with thin lighting frames and textured header.
  • Friday Night Footy: A weekly talkback and panel interview show, “Friday Night Footy” includes more color through the use of team branding. The show uses the large mobile monitor wall with architecturally framed windows.
  • League Life: The studio’s large video wall is fed with lively, colorful graphics, as are mobile video wall towers moved into place on either side of the smaller, more discussion-style desk. The scenery’s color changing elements are changed to match the motion graphics package.
  • Monday Night with Matty Johns: In this relaex setup, a large oval unit with curved couch is placed in front of the window-like structure. Video towers help fill in the side walls, which the look takes full advantage of color changing units.
  • Sunday Ticket: A less formal discussion style setup with riser and chairs and ottomans positioned to use both a set of arched, industrial style windows with girders and backlit header elements as well as a set of staggered video towers and a mobile standup monitor.
  • The Late Show: A curved red sofa is placed in front of the bank of faux windows, which are given a unique look thanks to both LED technology and strategic lighting design. Described as playful and fun, this show help’s kickoff the weekend early with jokes and a good time. Other elements include angled LED ribbon units and video towers as well as a studio audience.

Studio B

Studio B for Fox Sports Australia is the smaller of the network’s two primary studios. It serves a variety of programming, including “AFL 360” and “NRL 360.”The studio’s design includes multiple moveable panels for enhanced flexibility, typically shooting with four locked-down cameras and a Steadicam.

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